Douglas County Conservation District


     PO BOX 688, 7519 E HWY 86, FRANKTOWN, CO 80116   303-688-3042 EXT. 100

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Services of Douglas County Conservation District

Conservation Products                Dams- Watershed Flood Control Dams              

                     Workshops - Educational                       

Conservation Products

         The district sells a variety of products such as:

  •  Grass Seed - We can customize a mix for your specific soils, needs, etc.

  •  Seedling Trees - The district is able to sell seedling trees to owners of 2 or more acres of land.

  •  Growing Aids - Polymer, Fertilizer tablets, and Weed Barrier are sold through the district.

  •  Mosquito Larvicide - We have granules and dunks for larvicide available for any size of standing water.

  •  Gopher Traps - These traps are used without poison bait.


Dams - Watershed Flood Control Dams

The Douglas County Conservation District  are the sponsors along with Douglas County of 22 flood control dams throughout the county.  The watershed project was developed for three general purposes: to prevent damage from erosion, floodwater, and sediment; to further the conservation, developments, utilization, and disposal of water; and to further the conservation and proper utilization of land.   The district has an ongoing program to maintain, and keep these 22 dams in working order.    All of the dams within this project have a recorded easement which allows the district and Douglas County access to the dams at anytime to conduct inspections and make any necessary repairs.   If you have any questions, or if you think that you have one of these flood control dams on your property, please call us at 303-688-3042 ext. 100 or email us.

Land Use Reviews

Whenever an individual or company submits a proposal to the county to consider a change in zoning, an addition or change of a subdivision, a special use review, or a completely new development, the county must refer the requests to the district by law.  The district then reviews each proposal and gives recommendations on soil suitability, floodwater problems, and watershed protection which would include erosion and sediment control, noxious weed control, proper grazing management, etc.           What the district reviews.

Workshops - Educational

The district hosts a variety of workshops and seminars through out the year on topics such as noxious weeds, water, wells, septic systems, grazing management, etc.  Watch our website for announcements of upcoming workshops.



Contact us by e-mail or phone (303 688-3042 ext. 100) for more information.